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Flex Essential Ltd.

Established in 2019, Flex Essential specializes in the healthcare consumables. We produce 100% made in Hong Kong Nano-Fiber Face Masks .


 ISO 14644-1 CLASS 7  Clean Room is one class more advanced than the usually quoted Class 8 facilities.

 ISO 14644-1 CLASS 7 無塵間。比一般口罩生產線要求的 Class 8 高一個等級,讓用家加倍安心。

UltraLite-99 provides BFE≥98% and PFE≥99% protection by ASTM F2100 and EN 14683 Standards.

以美國ASTM F2100及歐盟EN 14683口罩標準檢測。BFE(細菌過濾率)≥98%,PFE(顆粒過濾率)≥99%。

Production line follows ISO 13485 standard for stringent quality control.

生產採用ISO 13485 準則管理。準則協助醫療器材製造商生產符合其預期目的的醫療器材。

FLEX NANO Mask provides superior Bacterial filtration and Particle filtration while maintaining extra Breathability and Durability. Learn More…

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